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A Fresh Look When Looking For A Match

hot-girl-beachWhen most of us attempt to make use of the many available online dating sites to make a Match for ourselves for dating, chatting, a romance, or even a quick hot casual sex hookup, we may tend to hit it really hard really fast and then wear ourselves out too soon. Often we hear people say that they are taking themselves off of the personals sites for a while because they have seen all of the people on them. This means that they are either only looking at one particular site or they are zipping through people in a lightning fast manner that does not allow them to really pay that much attention to any profile in particular.

Many times when we are in the throes of looking very intently and very frantically for something, we will tend to miss it even if it happens to be located right under our very nose. It is only after we stop for a little while, do something else, and come back to our search that we realize the item in question was right there all the while we were exclaiming that it was nowhere to be found. We must keep this in mind when we set out to meet new people on the personals sites online. If we are in such a frenzy to just quickly meet someone, to get it done, to get it taken care of, and to have the process over with, we will most likely miss out on some of the best people on the sites.

It is not always the folks with the flashiest, most noticeable profiles that are the best people for us to be with; many times it is the more understated person that will turn out to be the true gem among the many options on the world wide web. As we do when we look for a lost item, we have to slow down, step back, remain calm and then proceed.

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No Clear Definition For Friends Dating

Let’s face it, even if we don’t admit it out loud, we all know the pitfalls and will clearly come to recognize that dating friends requires a whole specific set of parameters if two people want to even attempt to get out of this social conundrum alive!


Single people attempting a romance, to introduce sex, to have more than the simple solid intimacy of friendship with a friend open up a Pandora’s Box of possibility when they decide to take things to the next level, that level most friends are not going to. In those tentative steps, steps that should only ever be attempted by those with the most steely- reserved self esteem, many a definition will be postulated only to get battered away or morphed and worked into another, as dating friends attempt to not only define what it is they are doing and what they will allow but also try to rationalize why they have suddenly started dating!

The one thing lovers-who-used-to-be-friends will realize is that there are no objective terms, there are no clear-cut definitions, that there are no rules or modes of behaviors to follow. This dating friends petard is a crap-shoot at best and when you are in it you can be both in hell and heaven at the same time, much more so then you will ever find yourself in regular dating. This is not a person you began you acquaintance with simply from dating, this is a person you have been friends with first, now you are attempting to be a lover with. The drama of what might befall can be thick, the definitions to what you ate doing unknowable.


If you can get through, maintain, enjoy dating friends count your blessings. Looking for a definition where you surely won’t find one is a fool’s errand and will get you thinking that there is one clear way this dating has to go or how it will end. In friends dating there will be far more questions than answers for sure.


Sexual preferencesAs we age, our perceptions, preferences and desires tend to age and change right along with us. For some of us, the things that made us crazy with desire when we were young may not be the things that we will tend to seek out when we are older. At times we tend to forget the fact that Sex is not a static entity, but one that is always changing, shifting, adjusting and reshaping itself into something that is often entirely and completely different. Many men may have always loved the thought of big beautiful women, where some men may find it a preference that they either develop when they are older, or as a result of an encounter with a plus size woman that they find to be completely irresistible.

We can all think of someone that we thought was wildly attractive when we were younger that we would most probably not look twice at today, just as we can look at someone today that we find to be ridiculously sexy, even as we know that fifteen or twenty years ago we would not have considered them as any sort of option at all. Everything changes, and sex and our sexual preferences are most certainly no exception to this rule.

For many men, the thought of a very large woman is extremely erotic and enticing. They much prefer a female with a lot of flesh to enjoy and grab onto than being with someone who looks like they are crying out for a sandwich with some extra mayo. There are other men who think that they are only into very thin women until they meet some large woman who rocks their world and makes them reevaluate their previous thoughts on what they consider to be attractive. It is always best to simply keep our minds and our options open at all times so that we can enjoy all of the adventures that life will send our way.

The Hunt

There are very few times in our lives these days where we have the occasion or the need to go on a hunt for anything. We are all so technologically connected thanks to the world wide web that we can simply search for any topic, any item, or any situation that we are interested in and we will find everything that we need to see or know in usually just a few seconds. When it comes to our personal lives, we have just as much access and flexibility; if we want to find a bbw or a milf to spend some quality time with, the Adult friend finder sites are always ready to help us out.

Adult friend finder

Years ago, there were many things in our lives that took a bit of hunting to come up with. We often spent hours, days or maybe even weeks looking for that perfect outfit for some important occasion, we might have had to visit several shops in order to get the right ingredients for our latest fabulous dinner party, or we might have traveled far and wide to find that used car that was exactly what we had in mind.

Today, we very rarely have to wait for anything. If we want to find any article of clothing that we can possibly think of, if it does not exist on the Internet, it most likely does not exist at all. One quick search on the world wide web will point us right to the store for any commodity that we could ever want, and the used cars are lined up in the cyber auto yard just waiting for us to pick them out. For the men who love big beautiful women, the web is a resource like no other; all of these fabulous women can be located in the time that it takes to enter a keyword and click a mouse, leaving much more time for other fun pursuits to be undertaken together with them.

Hardcore Youth

Horny youthWhen most people log onto the XXX personals for the first time, they usually do not quite know what to expect at first. After all, it is a fairly recent phenomenon and a lot of people are still getting their feet wet in the scene. But one would probably expect to see men and women of a certain age on these sites. Mid twenties at least, but more so in their thirties and forties, people who are experienced with sex and are after more explicit adventures. So it is often striking to many people to see how young so many people are on the XXX personals. They look like kids. They practically are kids, actually.

For many youth people today, all they know is the internet world. Their whole lives have been ruled by the world wide web and its gradual total breaking down of sexual taboos. Nothing shocks these kids and nothing seems particularly off limits to them like it would have to earlier generations. As soon as they turn eighteen and can legally sign on to many of these sites, they are totally on there. They are often still in their senior year of high school. For sure a lot of college students roam the XXX personals. And these younger folks often can teach older people a thing or four about sexuality, to boot.

Younger people today are rather blase about hookups on the internet. They are often horny and just seeking some quick sex. It is often the older people who come onto the XXX personals more emotionally needy. Striking a match between these younger kids and older folks in their thirties and forties is often one of the hotter scenarios on these sites. The disparity in age always makes for a good time on both ends. So do not be so stunned the next time you spy someone on the XXX personals who looks too young to shave. They are barely legal but very dirty minded.